Eloise in the Land of Beginnings

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by: Jeanne Spyker Hardy

108 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648030591

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Eloise is a young girl who suddenly finds herself on a great adventure in a very strange land. With her new friends Rainbow, Cat and Owl, she starts looking for the Wordsmith’s Castle where all her favourite stories come from. After a long and dangerous walk through dark places they finally arrive. But all is not as Eloise had expected. When she is taken captive, together with famous story characters, she learns that the Great Witch is about to change every good story into an evil one. Somehow Eloise must find a way to stop the Great Witch, and return the stories and characters to the Wordsmith. In the process, Eloise learns that her own life is a story, too, and one with great possibilities.

Music for Eloise

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  1. Claire Bell, author and teacher

    Here is a fairy tale in which, while bad things happen, the message of empowerment – a child can dream and choose and become what she wants to be – is louder. With a style reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, Eloise in the Land of Beginnings brings a modern theme to the genre of fairy tales suitable for children.

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