Jonah and The Clockwork Goblin

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Matthew Edwards

202 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780987619396

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Jonah is a fifteen-year-old orphan who thinks he already has enough problems in his life. He’s failing all his subjects at school, frequently tormented by the school bully, and can count the people who care about his life (including his cat) on one hand—with fingers to spare. When he faces losing his older brother, he’s convinced things couldn’t get worse. Then he is awoken in the middle of the night by a clockwork cyborg goblin who robs him of a cherished opal pendant and departs through a magical portal. In his pursuit of the goblin thief, Jonah finds himself cast into a world beneath his own where he must pick his friends wisely, grow up quickly, and choose between an eight-foot evil seductress queen and a thousand-year-old tree nymph if he is to survive —and save the world in the process.



About the author

Matthew Edwards has written and published several short stories and poems. He holds an MA in Creative Writing, and lives in Mt Barker, South Australia, with his wife Rebecca and his cat Buddakhiin.  Jonah and the Clockwork Goblin is his first novel.


  1. Jodie George (University of South Australia)

    …a grand adventure that explores significant issues of identity, in particular masculinity, through the reluctant hero, Jonah. The novel shows particular strengths in its descriptive passages, the use of humour, the pace and timing of climatic moments within the narrative, and the complexity and originality of the plot… A pleasure to read.

  2. Julia Archer (author)

    Edwards has produced a fine story with well-defined and believable characters, clever cultural settings and, most of all, characters and situations we care enough about to keep reading.

  3. Rosanne Hawke (author of The Leopard Princess, Across the Creek and The Wolfchild Tales)

    Jonah will take you on a thrilling, action-packed journey through Godenow, the steampunkesque land within the Earth. You’ll battle mechanical creatures, ride steamers and even have a laugh or two as you try to stay alive. This innovative coming of age story will resonate with teens seeking to make sense of their world.

  4. Stella Lees for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Reading Time (verified owner)

    Jonah lives with his aunt and brother, Shaun, but Shaun has just joined the army, and Jonah is angry that he is now alone with Aunty. One night a monster arrives and Jonah finds himself involved in some very nasty business in quite another place.

    Godenow is a country within our world, inhabited by a variety of oddities. The most powerful people are the Sitnalans, but there are Dryads, Goblins, Riggers and Trolls, among other creatures, often with some of the characteristics of Australian animals. Jonah is aided by Eponae, a very old woman, Gregol, a Baldurian and Igraine, a Dryad, who all have a colourful past, all because an opal pendant was stolen.

    There are so many odd creatures that the reader may become confused but, if that happens, the glossary at the end of the book is useful.

    The writer displays imagination and pleasure in the strange, and there is plenty of action. Emotional life is less well invoked.

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