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by: Catch Tilly

220 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648164289
Publish date: 28.10.2017

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“There’s a dragon watching me when I wake up.”

As the Death Lord’s daughter, seventeen-year old Uriel is comfortable walking the lavender-scented tunnels of death. She’s not pleased to be dragged back to the living realm of Meldin. It’s a world of laser-edged swords and shape-changing dragons, where the Lord of the World has sworn to kill her father.

About the author

Catch Tilly spends every moment she can in her imagination. When forced into ‘real life’ she works as an actor, scriptwriter, carer for her autistic daughter and sparring partner for her husband, who is a professional swordsman. To join Catch on the world of Meldin visit


  1. Rosanne Hawke, author of Daughter of Nomads

    Set on a light-filled world peopled with dragons, shape shifters and a girl who can walk through death, Shadowalker is a fast-paced fantasy, laced with humour, that shows how fear of the stranger can result in catastrophe.

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