The Frost on the Mirror

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by: S.J. McKenzie

274 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648232490
Publish date: 4.7.2017

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Bernard Crowley and his sister Inch are ordinary, elderly magicians, barely making ends meet, especially since the Northern Church began to declare so many different types of magic to be heretical. Their friend Closer is even worse off. The price of magic materials keeps going up, and the poor man can hardly keep his magical wheelchair in operation.

Their Destinies are changed one Midwinter when they experiment with various charms, a mirror, and a book called Giddens of Happenstance. A Kildareen wizard called Lucy Wilde begins to pursue the artifact they have inadvertently created, and even more mysterious forces work to change the shape of their whole lives.

Will they be able to prevent their discovery from falling into the wrong hands?

About the author

S. J. McKenzie is an Adelaide-based fantasy writer. He holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Adelaide with a thesis on medieval travel writing and cartography. He is the author of the on-line collection of Celtic stories in the Blue Men, Green Women series. He has also written widely on ideas of sustainability in different cultures. Two stints living in the Pacific islands (Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea) gave him a chance to engage other cultures first hand. Since returning to Australia he has been working on the Mirror of Seasons quartet, of which The Frost on the Mirror is the second instalment.

The first book, The Ballyman Waits, was published by Stone Table Books in 2017. You can find out more about S.J. McKenzie at


  1. Dr. Yarrow, Lead Inquisitor, League of Miles

    This book is blasphemy, pure and simple. The Mayhem it describes was well documented, but it had nothing to do with Elves, or any magical mirror, as the author claims. Anyone in possession of a copy within Mine Right has until the end of the month to bring it to the Commoners’ Lawn and burn it on the pyre. –

  2. Clara Hunt, Wood Elf

    It did happen much as Mr McKenzie describes, except he left out most of the parts where we skulked about in disguise, trying to make sure those old magicians never meddled with magic at Midwinter. And I suppose there is no harm in him saying what really happened, now that it’s all over.

  3. Lucy Wilde, Kildareen wizard

    S.J. McKenzie is at it again, with another scurrilous and completely twisted account of real events. It is anti-Kildareen propaganda and we will not stand for it. We did not steal any magic from the North in the previous century. We simply adapted what we found to suit our own purposes, in the name of Kildare.

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