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Book One – A Year and a Day

by: Rosanne Hawke

110 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648030515

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Morwenna has risked the ire and safety of her village by befriending a wolfchild. Set in the land of Lyonnesse in the year 1099, Wolfchild is the story of Morwenna who meets a wolf and a forbidden stranger, the wild boy, Raw. Despite the rumours, Morwenna believes that Raw is neither dangerous, nor a wolfchild. But visions and portents of impending catastrophe suggest time is running out for her to unravel the mystery of who Raw really is. And why does he have to stay hidden for a year and a day?


  1. Russ Merrin: Magpies (journal)

    A robust, upbeat but somehow haunting tale extrapolated from the Cornish legend of the lost land of Lyonesse.

  2. Eva (Sallis) Hornung, author

    Wolfchild is a vivid and beautiful story, carefully researched
    and crafted. A delightful historical fantasy.

  3. Aussie Reviews

    Excellent historical fantasy. Inspired by the Cornish legend of
    Lyonnesse, Wolfchild is vividly portrayed and a delight to read.

  4. Professor Thomas Shapcott

    Wolfchild offers a welcome relief from books for this age group
    determined only to use current jargons and idioms and speeded
    up shock effects.

  5. Karen Brooks, Australian Book Review

    … a compelling tale is Rosanne Hawke’s poetic and wonderfully
    ambient Wolfchild. Set in the lost land of Lyonnesse in the years
    1098 and 1099, Hawke draws the reader into the simple yet rich
    world of young Morwenna and the cycle that is her life…
    … this book serves as a wonderful introduction to history and
    fantasy and would be a fabulous adjunct to many syllabi that
    seek to plunge students into the past. The voice and tone of the
    novel ring true, and Morwenna, Raw and their disparate worlds
    are realistically and eloquently figured.

  6. Raymond Huber, Viewpoint

    An intriguing mix of English folklore and medieval history.

  7. Matthew Higgins, Upper Primary reviewer

    This book is wonderful as it keeps you wondering until the end. Readers who love suspense, mystery, adventure and excitement will enjoy Wolfchild and won’t be able to put it down.

  8. Rosemary Thomas, Fiction Focus

    Wolfchild provides good support for the study of medieval history for students in Years 6-8 and is ideal for reading aloud to a class, it is also an enjoyable read for younger students with plenty of action in each chapter.

  9. Morton Benning – author of Playing God (verified owner)

    An engaging tale of the beginning of a forbidden friendship that just might grow to be something more. This is a lovely book that delivers the feeling of rural life in Lyonesse in the shadow of the turn of the first millennium. Steeped in historical language and mythology, there is a distinct feeling of authenticity and understanding of the culture, customs and beliefs of the time.

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