P.H. Court wins Stuart Hadow prize

P.H. Court, author of Sub Urban Tales, has just won the prestigious Stuart Hadow prize from the Fellowship of Australian Writers in WA for his Magical realist story ‘Chair’.

The photo attached shows the judge, Laurie Steed and Patsy Millet, the daughter of Mary Durack, who read the story to the gathered audience while Pete was stuck in Adelaide.

Here’s an extract from the Judge’s Report by Laurie Steed

By all accounts, this story shouldn’t work, and yet it does (and how) by collating the mess of the world, the crossover between the emotional and the physiological to entwine them, fingers interlocked, until you wonder how you never saw the connection. You read its final lines, thought made audible, a quiet ‘hmm,’ as though you’ve found a clue, and perhaps you have. If nothing else, ‘Chair’ is a clue as to how you write a great story, and why you should bother in the first place.

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