Can I submit a manuscript?

Stone Table Books is a publisher of speculative fiction (that is mainly fantasy and science fiction) and we do occasionally accept unsolicited work, but it is advised to begin by sending a brief (less than 2 pages) cover letter introducing yourself, any previously published works and describing your intended audience. Please include a one paragraph summary of your story and the first five pages of your first chapter. It is also a good idea to include some strategies you might employ to promote your book when it is published and some ideas about people of note who might be willing to endorse it.

To aid you in this we have included some helpful links below.
– what is unsolicited work?
– example cover letter.
– how to summarise a book in one paragraph.
– what does endorsement mean?
– what to do before you submit a manuscript.

After you’ve followed the guidelines, you can upload the documents in .doc/.docx/.odt/.pdf format on the Contact Us form HERE.

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