The Tale of Alathimble Spaide and Other Such Nonsense

and Other Such Nonsense
by: Morton Benning

80 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9781532659591
Publish date: 9.5.2018

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The Tale of Alathimble Spaide is a collection of fantasy tales and poems to amuse and delight. The book includes tales of wizards, gnomes, ogres, trolls, vampires and one dragon who isn’t all that he appears to be.

The main character of the title work is a hapless magician and his pet pig who together, through shared misfortune and ineptitude, become unlikely heroes.

For the reader searching for deep and serious high fantasy, we strongly recommend Tolkien. For those simply looking for a bit of frivolous fantastical fun, this is the book for you.

About the author

Morton Benning is an artist and a writer, (among other things) and a lover of speculative fiction in any medium. He is the author of the recently released fantasy/sci-fi Playing God. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two daughters.

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