Lizzy’s Dragon

by: Melissa Gijsbers

74 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9781532637933

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When she finds an odd looking egg in the forest behind her house she decides to hide it in her bedroom in the hope that it will hatch into a lizard.  What she gets is ‘Bubbles’, the oddest, fastest growing lizard she has ever seen. It doesn’t take long for her annoying little brother to discover her secret pet. It also doesn’t take long for Bubbles to grow out of her room. Lizzy begins to wonder whether Bubbles is a lizard at all, or something even more amazing. But how will Lizzy keep Bubbles a secret? And what will happen to Bubbles if anyone finds out about him?

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Melissa Gijsbers

About the author

Melissa Gijsbers lives in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne with her two teenage sons and their pet blue tongue lizard. She is an avid reader and writer and runs a group for young writers at her local library. She has written two other children’s books, Swallow Me, NOW, and 3… 2… 1… Done!

You can find out more about Melissa at


Chapter 1

‘No, you cannot have a pet lizard–’ Lizzy’s mum said, ‘And before you ask, no snakes either. No reptiles of any sort.’

‘But Mum!’ Lizzy complained, ‘You got Joey a puppy when he asked for one.’

‘She’s a working dog. She’ll be able to help on the farm when she’s older,’ her mum said.

‘But I love lizards.’

‘We have enough animals, end of story.’ Lizzy’s mum turned back to preparing dinner. Her little brother Joey, who had been sitting at the table eating his after school snack, began chanting just quietly enough so that his mum would not hear him, ‘Lizard-breath Elizabeth wants a pet lizard.’ It was more than Lizzy could take. She stamped her foot and went outside, the screen door slamming behind her. She ran to the big tree at the end of the garden and climbed into her secret hiding spot. It was perfect; she had a wonderful view of the house, the forest beginning at the back of their yard, and the surrounding paddocks. She loved that no one could see her – especially Joey.

‘It’s not fair!’ Lizzy muttered as she climbed. ‘Joey always gets whatever he wants.’ Lizzy settled into her favourite spot and swung her legs. She looked around her. The paddocks were dry and brown – there hadn’t been any rain for ages to make them green. The sun was setting in an explosion of colour that made the land seem even browner. Lizzy knew she would have to go inside soon, but for now she enjoyed her hiding place, and the fact her brother Joey was nowhere to be seen. He was a year and a half younger than her, but acted as though he was the boss of everything! She rested her head back against the trunk of the tree and felt herself relax.

I will get a lizard, she thought, one day.

The sun went a bit lower in the sky and Lizzy saw something shiny out of the corner of her eye. She sat up and looked to where she had seen the glint of light.

It must be some rubbish, or something Joey has left outside, she thought, and tried to ignore it. Her brother was always getting into trouble for not putting his things away, but that didn’t stop him getting a new puppy. She started getting annoyed again, especially as her eyes were drawn towards the shiny object.

‘I guess I should check it out,’ she said. She remembered a lesson at school about the sun’s rays being magnified by glass, and bursting into flame. With how dry everything was, Lizzy didn’t want to run the risk of a fire starting in their yard. She looked around to make sure the coast was clear, then swung down from her tree and went to have a closer look.

She arrived at the edge of the trees and saw the shiny object, sitting in a clump of grass. She knelt down to inspect it. It was round, like an egg, but shorter and fatter. It was smooth and shiny and a deep yellow, the same size as the palm of her hand.

‘Lizzy, Mum says you have to come in for dinner!’ Joey’s voice made her jump. ‘Hey, what have you found?’

‘Nothing,’ she said, and reached out to pick up the object and slip it in the pocket of her jacket before her brother could see it. ‘Tell Mum I’ll be right there.’

‘You have found something!’ Joey said. ‘Show me.’

‘No, it’s just a stone,’ she lied. ‘We’d better hurry and go inside before Mum gets mad.’

‘Fine, I’ll tell Mum and Dad, and they’ll make you tell me,’ Joey whined, and ran off towards the house before Lizzy could reply. Lizzy got up and followed him. She slipped into her bedroom and placed the object in her sock drawer before going to the bathroom to wash her hands and join her family for dinner.


  1. Sophia, age 9 (verified owner)

    A heart-warming, adventure story. I loved this book!

  2. Zachary, age 10 (verified owner)

    This is a really cool story. I hope I find an egg with a dragon!

  3. Ollie, age 7 (verified owner)

    I liked this book a lot. When are they going to make it into a movie?

  4. Zac, age 13 (verified owner)

    Lizzy’s Dragon is a really good book. It was a fun adventure and I enjoyed reading it. I especially liked the dragon. It is has a lot of detail and it is a really interesting and fun story.

  5. Romi Sharp for (verified owner)

    Why is it that her spoilt younger brother, Joey, gets a dog for the farm, but Lizzy isn’t allowed a pet lizard? It all seems so unfair, until her luck changes and Lizzy discovers a mysterious-looking egg in her garden. What becomes of that egg is far more than she could’ve wished for. A surreal fantasy story of life, hope, friendship and spirit, and sibling relationships, that will take its junior to middle grade readers on an ‘uplifting’ journey.

    In twenty bite-sized chapters, Melissa divulges her sense of adventure, with a splash of humour, to grip her young audience with transparent language and a straightforward storyline. The book is also speckled with equally friendly black and white illustrations, appeasing our imaginations at various intervals.

    Lizzy is an intuitive and brave young girl. Coming to realise her growing new pet’s characteristics, piece by piece, she also uncovers the potential to help out her whole community in a difficult time of drought and fire. Not quite a lizard, but in fact, a water dragon, Bubbles becomes Lizzy’s secret friend and town saviour. Despite her brother’s displeasure, Lizzy keeps and trains her dragon elusively, until desperate times call for desperate measures. Unveiling her beautiful creature, she is unsure of how he will be received. But, under Lizzy’s guidance, Bubbles’ efforts to fill the dams and spray the precious water resource to stem the blazes certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. And even Joey gets the reward he was wanting.

    Making for valuable points of discussion in pet ownership, sibling tensions, environmental forces and our responsibilities in sustainability, Lizzy’s Dragon is also a delightful read where young imaginations from age seven can take flight.

    Review by Romi Sharp.

    #LizzysDragon #fantasy #adventure #juniorreader

    original article.

    How to make a dragon egg – craft for kids.

  6. Julieann Wallace (Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator) (verified owner)

    Children adore stories about dragons, and ‘Lizzy’s Dragon’ by author, Melissa Gijsbers, is one to add to the must read list.

    Lizzy is desperate for a pet, but her mother won’t allow one. One day, while she visits her secret hiding place, away from her maddening brother, Lizzy spots a reflective object on the ground. Afraid that it is a piece of glass that will start a bushfire in the dry weather, Lizzy goes to pick it up, only to discover it looks something like an egg.

    Intrigued by the colour and shape, Lizzy hides the egg in a box in her room. It must be kept hidden from her nosy brother, who manages to tell on her for everything she does. Readers will enjoy following the journey of the hatching egg to the revealing of the reptile which turns out to be a dragon, but not the type that most people think of first.

    When the township is in strife with an out of control fire, Lizzy’s dragon comes into the spotlight. It is here that readers will be delighted by the special gift the dragon has to offer.

    Lizzy’s Dragon will keep the reader’s interest in its twenty bite-sized chapters. It will also have the reader wishing for a dragon of their own.

  7. Brook Tayla (Dip. T – Primary + Grad Dip in Chn’s Literature) for TellTalesToMe (verified owner)

    Lizzy’s Dragon is a fantasy adventure story set in a countryside town.

    There are elements in this story that children are going to love, beginning with Lizzy’s wish for a pet. She actually wishes for a lizard but ends up with a much larger reptile when she finds an egg and ends up raising a dragon. Lizzy then has to problem solve just where to keep it as it grows larger and larger – and all this in secret!

    Together Lizzy and her pet dragon ‘Bubbles’ become superheroes when the area in which they live becomes threatened by a natural disaster. United they save the area and the lives of the people who live there.

    The relationship developments in this story are interesting. The most distinct is the sibling rivalry between Lizzy and her younger brother, Joey – it actually made me smile in reflective memory! Their problems are solved in the end as a result of the maturity that Lizzy gains from her experience. The relationship with her parents also changes as Lizzy takes on a huge responsibility and proves that she has what it takes to make responsible decisions and as her parents realise that they can place their trust in her.

    There is the possibility that Lizzy and Bubbles could go on many more adventures as the story sets up the pretext for a series.

    This book is suitable for independent younger readers or a great introductory read-aloud chapter book for parents to share with their children – either way a very enjoyable book.

  8. Educate.Empower.Blog (verified owner)

    Lizzy’s Dragon by Melissa Gijsbers is a wonderful new fantasy novel for younger readers – and they won’t want to put it down!

    I know that as a young child I always wanted a different pet -a dog, a rabbit, a fish or a bird – I never wanted a lizard, and still wouldn’t want one crawling about in the house But Lizzy does, and she is determined to get a pet of her own.

    Lizzy lives on a farm which is going through drought. The grass is brown, the dams are dry and their is the ever present threat of bush fire.

    Lizzy is a strong, caring and clever young girl and perhaps by luck or perhaps by magic she stumbles upon a round shaped egg in the field outside their house. Her brother Joey discovers Lizzy and her secretive behaviour and does what many siblings would do – threaten to tell their parents if she doesn’t let him on the secret.

    Despite Lizzy’s efforts to keep her egg (and then pet dragon) a secret, her brother finds out and Lizzy has to put up with doing all of his chores – that is until she discovers the magic her dragon holds and possibly the real reason the dragon egg happened to land in the drought stricken land.

    Full of magic and mystery, Lizzy’s Dragon is an story you cannot put down. Younger readers will love this story as Lizzy is a character many children will identify with – she is thoughtful, she fights with her brother, she cares for her family and she wants the best for the place she lives in.

    Dragons are magical beasts which excite and engage many readers and the beauty of this dragon is that it comes across as one of the best possible pets you could have.

    Lizzy’s dragon is a wonderful read – one to read out loud or for better readers – to read alone. The pictures within the novel give the readers some more insight into what Lizzy and her dragon look like and ignite more of that wonderful imagination.

    Magic, mystery and mettle, Lizzy’s dragon is a book to inspire the best in all of us.

  9. Julie Ann Grasso (verified owner)

    Lizzie finds an odd shaped stone in the forest behind her house. She takes it home, hiding it from her pesky little brother Joey, who gets in to everything. It doesn’t take long for Lizzie to realise, that it isn’t just any old stone. Its growing, and growing fast, into an egg…

    When a cute little lizard hatches, Lizzie thinks all her dreams have come true. She’s always wanted a pet, but her parents wouldn’t let her have one.
    When the little lizard starts sneezing water, everywhere, and growing exponentially, Lizzie can’t hide it in her room anymore. She finds a cave in the forest and deposits, Bubbles, the names she has decided to call her lizard.
    Lizzie grows to love Bubbles, and her lizard grows to become … well, a water dragon actually.

    A water dragon that can fly!

    Bubbles and Lizzie have the best fun, flying over the town, and nobody knows what they are up to.

    Tragedy strikes when a bush fire begins spreading throughout the town. Lizzie is desperate to help, and Bubbles begins to shine. His water wielding ways save the town and he and Lizzie become quite the hero’s. They even manage to win over pesky little Joey, who was being a bit naughty earlier on in the story when he threatened to out Lizzie pet to her parents.

    This was a beautiful little story, which I started reading without the six year old, but once she saw the cover, she wanted to read it herself.

    Racing to catch up to my bookmark, she read it so voraciously. I had to chuckle when I would find her in her room reading while she was supposed to be getting ready for school.
    We soon caught up and read the ending aloud.

    She announced it was a great book, and was keen for a second.

    We highly recommend this delightful read to for kids aged 6-8 who are branching into chapter books, and love a sweet dragon story.

  10. Imani The Author

    Lizzy’s Dragon is a fantastical, fun-filled, quirky chapter book for young readers.
    It’s the story of an adorable friendship between a girl and her unusual pet.
    When Lizzy finds an egg in her backyard she ends up having the most amazing time with her new secret best friend.
    Readers will fall in love with Lizzy and Bubbles and will be left craving more of their crazy adventures.

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