Sanctum – Emissary of the Oppressed Book 3

Emissary of the Oppressed

by: Ian Miller

264 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9781532687549
Publish date: 25.03.2019

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Overcome by the death of his closest friend, Destiny Unsought, Timothy risks all in an abandoned pursuit through the mysterious mountains of Sanctum, the traditional home of the Mighty Ones and the resting place of the dead. There, with no hope of return, he finds the answer to the dark sea of his own soul and the destiny to which he was born. But first he must do what no other had done before him: cross back from death to life.

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Ian Miller

About the author

Ian Miller grew up north of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. With a background in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Theology and Education, Ian brings alternate realities to life in worlds that challenge the very nature of humanity. Sanctum is the final book of the Emissary of the Oppressed trilogy. He is a popular public speaker, currently living in Sydney, Australia, with his wife, Christine. Together they are preparing to move to Tennessee where Ian will work on his next book, Perishing Waste. Visit Ian at


  1. Mark Worthing, author of Iscariot and The Winter Fae

    Ian Miller’s sci-fi trilogy takes the reader on a journey to distant worlds, but more importantly, deep into our own soul. Timothy Martin, an astronomy professor, discovers he has the ability to transport himself to other worlds. His ability to embrace the impossibility of the wonder he experiences will determine not only his own fate, but also that of entire alien worlds.

  2. Claire Belberg, author of The Golden Hour

    This utopian science fantasy with echoes of CS Lewis is a well-imagined and sympathetic exploration of how a world might operate without original sin. I found it refreshing and inspiring.

  3. Barry Chant, author and teacher

    Ian Miller’s trilogy combines fantasy, science, theology, human interest and cosmic conflict in one captivating package. It is a well-written, exciting tale with plenty of gripping adventure, intriguing suspense and fast-moving action. The characters reflect real-life passion, courage and frailty, and the issues are universal.

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