Serpent Bearer: Emissary of the Oppressed

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by: Ian Miller

292 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648376569
Publish date: 14.9.2018

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Back on Earth after his life-changing encounter with the people of the planet Arboretum, Timothy Martin learns of a developing crisis in the Galaxy. The Shadow is growing and threatens Earth’s nearest populated planet with oppression and malice. Responding to this threat, the Custodians of Arboretum find themselves in mortal danger. Timothy accepts a plea to come to their aid. But will he be able to make a difference? Can an answer be found to combat the Shadow? Will the black sea of Timothy’s inner world thwart his chance to save his friends?

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Ian Miller

About the author

Ian Miller grew up north of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. With a university background in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Theology and Education, Ian brings alternate realities to life in worlds that challenge the very nature of humanity. Ian is currently busily finishing books two and three of The Emissary of the Oppressed series. He is a popular public speaker and lives in Sydney with his wife, Christine. You can visit Ian at


  1. Barry Chant, author and teacher.

    Ian Miller’s novel Serpent Bearer, the second in The Emissary of the Oppressed trilogy is a pleasure to read. It combines fantasy, science, theology, human interest and cosmic conflict all in one captivating package. It is a well-written, exciting tale with plenty of gripping adventure, intriguing suspense and fast-moving action in a world whose qualities will fire your imagination. The characters reflect real-life passion, courage and frailty and the issues are universal. The ending will leave you anxiously looking for volume three.

  2. Lesley Turner, Author of Halfway to Justice and The Power of Forgiveness.

    Wow! I was eagerly looking forward to reading this book and was not disappointed.  It is a well-written, fast-paced, action packed page turner.  Serpent Bearer has everything you are looking for and more in a sci-fi/fantasy. Impressive.

  3. Morton Benning, author of Playing God and The Tale of Alathimble Spaide

    Serpent Bearer is a gripping continuation of Ian Miller’s trilogy. Where the first was a wonder-filled journey into a strange land, this second instalment is an infiltration behind enemy lines, and a desperate high-stakes rescue mission.

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