The Name Thief of Neverland

by: Dimity Knight

228 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648208167
Publish date: 16.11.2018

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When Holly finds her way as a lost child to Neverland, it is a paradise for a girl who loves adventure. But her life with the outlaws is plagued by a dark shadow: their sworn enemy, the mischievous Peter Pan, now captain of the pirate ship, the Jolly Roger. Holly finds the troublesome Pan strangely appealing, but he pays no attention to her – until one day she steals his name.

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Dimity Knight

About the author

Dimity Knight has worked as a Speech Pathologist and ESL teacher in Australia, Switzerland and the USA, and currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She holds a Master of Creative Writing, and enjoys poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. She is the author of Joined at the Fingertips. Poems about autism, family and surviving (Morning Star Publishing, 2014)


  1. Wendy Noble, author of the Beast-Speaker trilogy

    In Knight’s captivating, The Name Thief of Neverland, there is a delicious irony that the thief, Holly, (carried to Neverland by a hard of hearing fairy) has also lost her own true name. In a place filled with pirates, outlaws, lost boys, headhunters and even an occasional dragon, it’s important to know who you are. Knight has recaptured the magic but has also introduced a feisty, determined heroine, who brings a new dimension to the old story.

  2. Catch Tilley, author of Shadowalker

    Pirates, treasure, bandits, and fairies! Knight takes us into the magic of Neverland. This story has all the adventure a young reader could want, and yet a serious theme of loss and identity underlies the fun. The heroine, Holly, is as brave and boisterous as her rival, Peter Pan. Her story is told in the style of Barrie’s original tale, with rollicking action and enchanting description, but Knight never falls into sentimentality. The book has an honesty that lifts it into archetype, that mix of truth and fantasy we find in all the best fairy tales.

  3. Claire Belberg, author of The Golden Hour (verified owner)

    Like JM Barrie’s original story, The Name Thief of Neverland is full of adventure, imagination and favourite childhood tropes – pirates, fairies, warrior hunters, outlaws, treasure, swords, dragons, a castle, mermaids and the fearsome memory of Captain Hook. Holly’s adventures require skills for living in nature, in fighting, horse-riding and communication. She has an advantage over the wondrous and self-admiring Peter in that she can read a little while he cannot. She has friends and enemies among the various communities of the island. She displays courage, inventive problem-solving, kindness, and a spirited attitude. She is the best of heroines, not without faults but noble and willing to learn from her mistakes.

    Reading The Name Thief of Neverland won’t teach you about today’s hot issues. It’s pure, delightful fantasy, a gateway into the imagination of worlds that could but never will be, the best of dreams and the hints of nightmares. It reconnected me with the way I saw and wanted the world to be when I was nine or ten. And because it does this so well, you will learn about things that matter in life: persistence, kindness, courage, joy, keeping your heart and mind open to things that seem impossible but might, if you dare to believe, prove to be possible.

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