The Winter Fae: a Fantasy Novella

A Fantasy Novella
by: Mark Worthing
96 pages
129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9781532672354
Publish date: 9.8.2018

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When eighty-seven year old Floyd Willis walked into the Great Wood that winter, he did not know what he would find.

They said he had dementia, and that he could no longer live on his own. But about one thing his memory was quite clear. He was certain about the woman he met in the Great Wood when he became lost in it when he was a small child.

What Floyd found, for the second time in his life, was a passage into Faerie, and into the realm of the Winter Fae. But the idyllic snow-blanketed land he remembered is now threatened by a darkness that Floyd must come to terms with. Can Floyd, now an old man, do anything to help those who once came to his aid so many winters ago?

About the author

Mark Worthing is an award-winning author whose most recent books include Graeme Clark. The Man Who Invented the Bionic Ear (Allen&Unwin, 2015); George MacDonald’s Phantastes, (Stone Table Books, 2016); Narnia Middle-Earth and the Kingdom of God (Stone Table Books, 2016); What the Dog Saw (Morning Star, 2017); and Martin Luther. A Wild Boar in the Lord’s Vineyard (Morning Star, 2017).

Mark lives in the Adelaide Hills with his family.


  1. Morton Benning, author of Playing God and The Tale of Alathimble Spaide

    As with so many of the classic tales, Worthing shows us that the land of the fae-folk is beautiful and wild, wondrous and dangerous, and those who venture there – even by way of the printed page – cannot help but come away changed.

  2. Wendy Noble, author of the Beast-Speaker trilogy

    In this gentle yet evocative take on an ancient fable we’re reminded that, although time is fleeting, age is relative and love endures.

  3. Stephen McKenzie, author of the Mirror of Seasons series

    Worthing’s fairyland tale brings together themes of perpetual youth, the nostalgia and regrets of old age, and the perennial triumph of new life in springtime. The novella gets straight to the emotional heart of the fairy mythology.

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