The Broken

The Broken

by: Joseph HJ Leach

198 pages
140mm x 216mm
ISBN: 9781725256484
Publish date: 2.12.2019

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When the paths of a broken Australian soldier and a cursed medieval village cross, the stage is set for a conflict with disastrous consequences for all involved, or, just perhaps, for healing and reconciliation that few believed possible.

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Joseph HJ Leach

About the author

Joseph Leach gained his PhD as part of a NASA guest investigation into the Martian polar ice caps. He has worked as an Air Force intelligence officer, a government research scientist and a university lecturer. In 2015, he retired from the University of Melbourne to concentrate on his writing and ministry. Joseph is an ordained deacon of the Catholic Church and is currently appointed to St. Roch’s Parish in Glen Iris. He has three grown sons and two daughters-in-law, and lives with his wife and very old dog in the south east of Melbourne.


  1. Deacon Gary Stone

    Joe Leach shows great insight into the traumas and ongoing life experiences of our veterans in this fascinating tale. He does so in a confronting but compassionate way, linking real life challenges with a fantasy genre that gives insight and understanding to how we can live happier and more wholesome lives.

  2. Michael McGirr

    The Broken is a gentle fantasy, enlivened by faith, wisdom and compassion. It is a story of pain in which love and forgiveness are the real heroes. Joseph Leach writes beautifully about the gift of healing. His book is a balm.

  3. Kerry Greenwood

    A wonderfully clever book with a brilliant ending and inspiring characters.

  4. Richard Prideaux for The Gippsland Anglican June 2020

    Joseph Leach already had a full life before writing this novel. As a NASA space scientist he worked on Martian ice caps; he served as an airforce intelligence officer and has lectured in science at university, alongside a busy family life with three sons. He has ministered in the Catholic Church as an ordained deacon at St Roch’s Parish in Glen Iris. The Broken is part war novel, part allegorical fantasy (in the tradition of C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces), psychiatric drama, love story and Christian apologetic. The story is told from the perspective of Captain Jacob Jones, a highly regarded Australian military officer who is on leave from his third tour in the Middle East. Some of the war incidents are chilling in the extreme. We soon find out that Jacob is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and the remainder of the novel is the story of how this ‘broken’ man finds recovery through love, faith and courage and the determined avoidance of the worst forms of drug therapy. One certain thing about this novel is that it will surprise you. I approached this novel with some trepidation, but could not put it down. It is written out of deep life experience, with verve and creativity. If nothing else, it will permanently change your view of the impact of 21st-century warfare on those who serve. Brokenness is an overlooked Christian theme. Christ was broken for us on the Cross. The image of the strong, complete, capable Christian person is just that. We are all broken and in need of rescue. Effective and enduring rescue can only come from God in Christ and usually through the loving people God puts in our way. May you read this novel and be truly blessed.

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