The Stringless

The Stringless

by: Alisha Walkerden

236 pages
140mm x 216mm
ISBN: 9781725256453
Publish date: 2.12.2019

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In a world where people are controlled by strings, a young woman named Serie struggles against the bidding of her strings and her own desires. With the help of a mysterious friend, Tristian, Serie learns how to live a life without her strings. Her journey to freedom is mixed with turmoil and new experiences. Only when Serie joins The Stringless, does she discover what freedom truly means.

About the author

Alisha Walkerden has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. She has been writing books since she was 14, The Stringless is her first novel and it was shortlisted for the unpublished manuscript at the CALEB awards in 2018. She lives in Sydney and when she isn’t writing she loves to travel and try new things.


  1. Claire Belberg

    The Stringless is an inspiring fantasy of courage, friendship and the determination to live free from the control of fear. Serie knows she is no one special, but her journey to freedom from the strings has a greater impact than she imagines. Wrestling with despair and a sense of powerlessness in the face of the evil of Maitre, the sorcerer, her growing compassion leads Serie into trouble and into the hearts of many. Alisha Walkerden’s tale has several allegorical elements, well-handled to make an enjoyable reading experience which brings a fresh perspective.

  2. Taya Gaukrodger

    In a world full of strings, I adored the protagonist’s relentless hope in pursuit of freedom

  3. Morton Benning

    In this powerful story by Alisha Walkerden we see the darkness that evil can inflict on others and the light that is required to overcome it.

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